Our Malamutes

Meet our crew. Candy Rock Kennel has been around since 1994. Most of the dogs on our property are descendants of our past dogs. All our buildings are heated. Our adults are kept in a 30 x 60 block building. Although we do have some retired dogs that are not kept there, all our dogs have their own runs that range from a 60 x 20 and up in size.  We do not put our dogs together for other than breeding. Our system is monitored by security cameras so we are able to monitor them from our home.

We have sperm frozen from our Diesel  We do pet home some of  our adults once they are retired. Check out our adoption page . We do not , for any reason, sell our dogs to breeders, broker or pet stores.

We have 14 acres of land. And we are located out in the country. Our house sits back 500 ft for the road.  We produce Standard as well as Giant Alaskan Malamutes. But our goal is not in the size of our dogs but in the health and temperament of our dogs. Visitors are welcome by appointment. AKC affiliated and meet USDA requirements.

At this time we have one breeding pair. All others have been placed in forever homes.

Our Girls

Our Boys