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“Litter Pick” is provided based on the order that deposits are received. If there are not enough males or female for you in a specific litter, we will permit you to select from the next litter that arrives at Candy Rock Kennels.

We reserve the right to select an alternate litter for you to select from. Candy Rock Kennels requires a deposit .
Please note: this deposit is NON-refundable. A boarding fee of $5.00 per day will apply if your selected dog is left here for more than (1) one week past date of pickup or delivery. After two weeks the terms of sale are revoked, and your selected dog will return to the ownership of Candy Rock Kennel .

If ownership of selected dog is revoked thru failure to collect said animal, we reserve the right to offer said dog for sale to another party without your approval.
No refunds will be granted in the event of abandonment or failure to communicate with Candy Rock Kennels.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange collection date, and to collect selected dog at the specified time.
This application is to be filled out by the individual who intends to own the selected dog. The same individual is required to submit deposit and/or payment. If a married couple, joint couple, or two individuals are living together as “Common-Law”, we require that ONE person be considered the selected dogs owner, and this individual MUST be named on this application.

This application in no way guarantees that selected dog will be sold or adopted to the applying individual.
We reserve the right to refuse business with individuals we deem inappropriate for the responsibility of an Alaskan Malamute’s care and ownership.

All puppies sold in Ohio must pay Ohio Sales Tax. All pups must be paid in full by 6 weeks of the selected dogs age, if shipment is required. We appreciate your honesty and support in these matters.

Thank You for your interest in Candy Rock Kennels. Kathy at Candy Rock Kennels