Upcoming Litters

Alaskan Malamute Litters 


Next litter due is Echo and then Naomi.

Deposits in order

1st Male Lousi Giovacchine ( moving to Naomi litter)

2nd Male Beth Smith   ( Naomi litter)

1st Male Alexa Meier ( Echo litter)

2nd Male Paul Miner ( Moving to Echo litter)

3rd male Matt Hamilton ( Echo  or 3rd male Naomi) depending on how many there are in each litter.


1st  female Alexa Meier ( moving to Naomi )

1st   Female Paul Miner( moving to Echo litter)

2nd   Female Jeff Martin( Moving to Echo litter)

3rd    Rob Neiss ( Echo)

4th Female Dakota Folger



Echo and Griz litter due the 6th of July.


Griz and Naomi