Upcoming Litters

Alaskan Malamute Litters 


Griz and Siena are due around the 21st of May. We do have another breeding coming real soon on the alaskan malamutes. This is the order of deposits. At this time we are not sure white litter each person will be getting from.

Deposits in order

1st Male Lousi Giovacchine

2nd Male Beth Smith

3rd Male Alexa Meier

4th Male Paul Miner


1st female Marsha Heilman

2nd female Alexa Meier

3rd  Female Paul Miner

4th  Female Jeff Martin

5th Alicia Parker

We are expecting a litter from these two around the 21st of May. There should be black and whites and gray and whites in this litter.




Shiba Inu Litter due.

Chase and Molly are expecting. The litter should be here around the 27th of May. At this time there are no deposit.  Since order goes in line of the deposits be the first pick by putting your application in right away . Shipping is extra and Tax of 6.75 percent if Ohio resident.

Chase and Molly puppies due the 27th of May