Alaskan Malamutes

We have puppies

All our pups are AKC registered, come up to date on shots, they are also microchipped and come with sample of dog food , lead and collar and instructions. Because our dogs are raised inside with outside access they start learning to go outside through a dog door at around 5 weeks of age. Our pups are kept in a heated and air conditioned building.

As newborns, they are raise on surfaces where they do not have to slip around and we keep rugs ( washable and slip resistant under them until they get at least 6 weeks old.  We take the mom away from pups at about 6 weeks of age so that they get use to eating and not just nursing. We start feeding our pups mush at 2 weeks of age and the mom is wormed every other week and the pups ever other week starting at 3 weeks old on pups. I have 24 years of breeding experience. I have found over time we works best with my mom’s and pups.  I sit with my mom’s when they or in labor and all the pups are handled daily.

Visitors are welcome with an appointment. We take pride in giving our dogs and pups the attention they need so we have to limit visits to an hour or less. The first pick must pick out their pup by 5 weeks old. After that pick it goes to the next in line. Puppies can be picked out in person or we post pictures weekly of pups that are available. We no longer offer flights. Any puppy sold must be picked up.  The remainder can be paid at pick up or if shipped it must be paid by 6 weeks of age. All checks must be submitted 7 days prior to pick up. We allow our deposits to go through paypal but we do not any longer allow the remainder to be paid paypal. The next litter would be due the 2nd of June. We will update once they are here.

The boy above will be available to one’s on the list before he would be available to anyone else. He was born on April 20th and will be ready for a home around the 15th of June. He has been bottle fed the whole time and was just 8 oz at birth. I think her gets the block head from his mother but I am just not sure if will be large. 

Moriah and Kodiak litter deposits

Males:  1st Darin Piekarski

2nd  Li Wenrong

3rd Daniel Nichols

4th David Dunn

5th Krystle Daldine

6th Jay and Brenda LaBoe

7th Thomas Varghese 

Females : 1st Shelly Haswell

                   2nd Joe Popp

                   3rd  Kayla Mclelland



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