Once our male and females reach a certain age, we set them up for the next phase of life “Adoption.” It is great importance to Candy Rock Kennels that each of these dogs find their forever homes. All males and females come full of life and ready to be their own selves. We chose to adopt out our older dogs because we strongly believe, you are never too old to have fun and live life.

Sometimes there are families that find that they can no longer keep their dog. Most of the time that is because of a move , loss of job or health reasons. So those dogs may not be located at our facility. If that is so I will post their location.

 Do to a family getting a divorce. Denali is now looking for a new home. He is the bother of our Naomi and will be 5 years old in November. He is cart trained. spent time in dog parks and can pull a sled , not with people but with gear. He was living in a crate while owner was working long hour sifts. And the other felt it was unfair.  Contact me for more information.